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only work for exact reference, give me the reference pic(real photos are okay ) and I will draw exactly like that reference, just do the modification on face and some minor things for adjustment

i prefer naked reference pic
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single female posing (1 character)
167 Extra Votes:
couple have sex (2 character)
204 Extra Votes:
threesome (3 character)
315 Extra Votes:
sex party ( 4 character)

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#double teasing is cheating Rin and Myura sitting on taichi tights, there are touching tongue and making same expression like in reference position External taichi dick is sliding out of his pants opining, his dick is very erect and covered in precum, both girls are g his dick by one hand Rin and Myura fully dressed but without Rin blue cape, so we can see the back of there outfits tight around there butts like this External [img id="e0416a65ac8451c09ac35ff812b1be06"] [img id="6d369221792f00d25b4d764a62591ef7"] [img id="bd8a927cfeebcfbdd1033fce5267ffde"] [img id="78b7beb0877b69912daa291c4bd615d7"] [img id="dee2e542cca4a954f0d91023fbc09637"] [img id="18e5435f91c7a4540299d29643795f52"] [img id="fa5581a446e9077073425f2c202e8d3c"] [img id="5e23e771c77a9db02fd94aa2110bcefc"] [img id="d377c1987cbda4b24cd36c217fefb70a"]
Added: 2019-08-17 15:39:35
Rin smiling happily as a taichi cock Image is shooting thick white cum all over her face and hair, one of her eyes is closed and covers in cum [img id="fa5581a446e9077073425f2c202e8d3c"] [img id="b84ecd4304e3200b17d34950f4ab8407"] [img id="accb7496bf38c9617d8d5898f5558582"] [img id="c8a14138cd4520fdfbdab18960dd7722"] [img id="e894a760f3cf4efba02ff31ffa2f2e25"]
Added: 2019-08-13 14:03:38
Please draw and : Belle Libelska and Mira Libelska a picture in clothes like this, I would like to reproduce them in the artist's own style, positions and such things I leave to the artist, But exceptionally, I don't want a hentai picture [img id="9fde9b73e372e3a6ac0aa5351ce8792d"]
Added: 2019-08-11 04:55:09
Discussion: (1 comment )
Please, read the background information from my blog post here: lovepuzzles?id=2255 In this commission, you are requested to create an artwork with our character Yoko. Yoko is a quiet and shy girl who just arrived from Japan and is going to study at a local college. She doesn't like crowded places and prefers staying together with the player in quiet hideaways. And when nobody but her loved one sees her, she gets really passionate and wild! The commission should display the girl in a bikini. She displays her outfit to the player, and her pose should correlate with the text: "Oh, I'm so embarrassed. Do you really like my bikini?" The pose is up to the artist. The style/color of the bikini is up to the artist as well. The background is up to the artist. The picture should be sexy, but 100% Safe For Work! My thoughts were that she might be slightly blushing, a bit shy, but passionate at the same time. The image should display the girl from her knees up (like the first images lovepuzzles?id=2255 ) And as I already said in the blog post - the result should fit the main style of the current artworks/girls from our game. Bright colors, "juicy" and dynamic. The resulting image should be very alike to the current model (the images attached to the commission). Technical requirements: 1200x2400 JPG/PNG image + the source in PSD format: where the girl is on a separate layer from the background (so the girl might be placed on transparent background later on). I will be choosing a few artists for this job, let's see how it will go. [img id="93bf4ce9a05b3912bca245b02f4a824b"] [img id="d8d36e82ac71881664076b2b9dcafef5"]
Added: 2019-08-08 16:43:19
Nanoha standing in the sea, the water is covering up to the mid of her thighs, she is carrying Chidori like princess and they are kissing gently, Chidori hands are around Nanoha nick and head Nanoha is wearing her blue striped bikini, she is taller than the other girl, and got a slender body Chidori is wearing her white bikini, she is shorter, chubby a little, but has bigger boobs [img id="599eca2356ca4020e4e79d447548f513"] [img id="e05c3c07f701f110eb3b190d486d7ef6"] [img id="2c189b11208e18556a30c31ab897ab02"] [img id="e9e21114d835ede02129ce8d5f1987ab"] [img id="0e3b4bc7fff5b15ac5c10a4466d4cd61"]
Added: 2019-08-04 03:41:56
# The Second Impact shinji doing askua from the back on a futon shinji is fully nude, he is raming asuka very hard, he is arching his back backward and he is cumming large thick cum into her and some is leaking over her butt, his face is red and he is extremely enjoying it. Asuka is laying on her stomach, she is wearing her pink apron and blue bra but no pants, her pupils are heart shaped, she is hugging the below to cover the lower half of her face trying to cover her moans but it leaking out make the room and the futon resemble the one in reference, and asuka boobs similar to the one in her nude pic [img id="759f56236a0d38154bdee099f3c9d6a7"] [img id="2c8ff118854bc165fd7fecac265f05e1"] [img id="7de3bb31e1cc1d7a1ba6bcf427bdad73"] [img id="2fae3b580ef98482df0c82125642ee0e"] [img id="5ce1b0f7a60c7a89adda948c7ea32507"] [img id="d011bdfd430efa86f36ccd973cd8200f"] [img id="58ab5f8192811c60e158dc8c2115ccfa"]
Added: 2019-08-04 03:40:07
from Isekai Cheat Magician, Taichi doing Rin in doggystyle as she moans and enjoy it like reference pic Taichi wearing nothing from the waste down aside from he socks, he is enjoying it, thrusting his hips very hard, he is grapping Rin butt by both hands Rin without her cape, wearing nothing from the waste down aside from her socks, she is holding the bed sheet and pillow and moans in pleasure like reference image make the room vaguely resemble the room in reference [img id="bf7df6b5d6c7ec177acf220612665ff0"] [img id="e0416a65ac8451c09ac35ff812b1be06"] [img id="08b308c3b6abc68bbe566f4c2f56c3da"] [img id="dee2e542cca4a954f0d91023fbc09637"] [img id="fa5581a446e9077073425f2c202e8d3c"] [img id="5e23e771c77a9db02fd94aa2110bcefc"] [img id="18e5435f91c7a4540299d29643795f52"] [img id="39f1a07235e75fef64f383b9c190b64e"] [img id="d377c1987cbda4b24cd36c217fefb70a"]
Added: 2019-07-28 06:49:37
Fumino her mouth open and full of cum, her pupil are heart shaped, her face is red and lost in pleasure, her school outfit is messed up and her small breast are showing, there is cum all over her hair and face only Nariyuki hand is shown, he is putting his finger in her mouth and pull it to side like reference image [img id="492bce8adfee93fcce861667c623a975"] [img id="3417fa738356bdedc6b104150714c853"] [img id="37cdc1f2c855eec46fa645acbaea27ec"] [img id="e69c77101b94239e37550c43dbafb404"] [img id="5fb9ceeb5f3b2ebcbe57616852b6b901"] [img id="b92e3432b2c798a1e11c60e92ffeef17"]
Added: 2019-07-04 14:56:02
Serie: Black Clover Characters: Noelle Silva (1-3-4), Mimosa Vermillion (2-3-4) / Yuno (5) / Asta (6) Title: Royal Family of Clover Détails: Draw inspiration from the seventh image for positions. All characters are naked. For couples, put Noelle (1) with Yuno (5) and Mimosa (2) with Asta (6). As they are on the sides, the men don't need to be drawn in full but they're recognized. Thanks. [img id="2af2673cf5ef41bc9003a07a6319ca6b"] [img id="3e95ef18206ea74ec88ffe70080cafc4"] [img id="55d7d4a9d39a4e5178146003d9f5c869"] [img id="d4985e644a573542f909da92f585170b"] [img id="8c98b167f3272a46aa52d180a44ebbdf"] [img id="783b81770ab96146d0e13080fb8290b5"] [img id="96ffb01222ce12c1fd928540a32c6551"]
Added: 2019-06-08 10:13:15
Featuring OCs from Hentai Heroes: Arianne (Hentai Heroes), Spring-Lola (Hentai Heroes) Arianne and Spring-Lola in their hats blow a lucky dick. The dick is long and thick. The girls are busty and sweat. [img id="cb005747b443f2f52fd03cdb12056fdb"] [img id="4f1d96ec31799ac8939b9c16dfa1abce"] [img id="72d1608d2ba82c6b36a717353b606ea4"] [img id="93130e8f1d3bf46532bdc3b46a1b7714"] [img id="506d9f18e41cd871af4fec1576eca2f9"]
Added: 2019-06-06 09:05:08
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